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One of the keys to the J. Fisher Companies’ success is the ability to work with seasoned experts in the private equity world. JF Capital is powering the way we utilize financial products and structures to build our projects.  In many ways, JF Capital is the heartbeat of what we do.  From demand recognition to design and execution of the projects from every angle, we are powered by  JF Capital.  

  • Key markets and locations to build our projects
  • Due diligence and underwriting
  • Capital structures and asset management
  • Project oversight from start to finish
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Sectors of Real Estate

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At JF Capital we have had a strong focus on Multi Family housing in the recent market. Key market and economic data has proven this sector in real estate to perform well over time, BUT only with the right structure, leverage, innovation and management. We see many opportunities here that won’t be replicated and are for the benefit of our clients. With this in mind, we have created our own brand for projects: The MODA brand.

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