Downtown Ogden Expansion Project Begins Finalizing Plans

OGDEN Utah, December, 2022

Ogden is starting to finalize Phase One plans for its 25-year master plan. The plan, called Make Ogden, aims to redevelop downtown Ogden.

The first project on the books for Make Ogden is the Wonderblock.

Ogden City’s Redevelopment Manager Damen Burham said this development will solve some residents’ concerns, like parking and housing.

Located along 26th Street between Grant and Lincoln, it will create approximately 354 residential units, 1100 parking spots, 100,000 square feet of office space and 70,000 square feet of retail store space.

“So it’s really meant to push Ogden’s market to a new level in terms of value and quality.”

The development will cost $188 million financed by a primary investor and the city’s Redevelopment Agency. The project prompted some concerns for Ogden residents.

The MakeOgden masterplan specifies the city’s Redevelopment Agency’s involvement will not affect property taxes during construction. But over time, taxing entities do have the ability to reevaluate property value and increase tax rates.

“So taxes do go up in that regard but it’s because the valuation of property has increased, not necessarily because the tax rate is being increased.”

If residents would like to speak about their concerns, the city is hosting an open house on Dec. 8 at Ogden Union Station.

“We feel pretty confident that if we can have conversations with most people concerned, we can work through those,” Burham said.

And, according to Burham, the WonderBlock will have effects beyond the downtown area.

“The growth doesn’t just benefit downtown, but really does have benefit throughout the entire community in terms of quality of service and long-term economic sustainability.”