Capitol Square Apartment Building Rising As Revitalization Effort Moves Ahead

OGDEN Utah, December, 2023

A laundromat that once operated at the Capitol Square site in the 800 block of 25th Street caused ground contamination in the zone that has required underground cleanup efforts. That work, in conjunction with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, continues.

“To date, the source contaminate has been removed and abated. Further mitigation will happen moving north on the site,” Cooper said. The environmental issues, he went on, “are well under control and we have a path forward for continued redevelopment.”

Though additional elements of the development have to be worked out, the master plan for the Capitol Square area shows that three-story townhomes and three- and four-story condominiums are envisioned.

It also shows a three-story office or residential structure taking shape on the southeast corner of 24th Street and Monroe Boulevard, incorporating the 7-Eleven convenience store there. The grocery store, at least as envisioned in the master plan, would face 24th Street and sit in the middle of Monroe Boulevard and Quincy Avenue. A few parcels in the 10-acre square block would remain in the hands of the original owners.

The city still owns about 5.5 acres of the Capitol Square area to be developed, according to online Weber County property records. Many structures that once sat in the area, including the Rite-Aid building, were torn down to make way for the new development.